What Types Of Issues Does The Integrated Plan Checker Check For?

What Types Of Issues Does The Integrated Plan Checker Check For?

When you create or edit a sales incentive plan, we perform some automated verification.

Here are some of the checks we perform:
  • Calculation checks
  • Salary checks
    • If salary is used in credit or reward assignment, we check that users have a salary defined on them.
  • Transaction history
    • If percent increase is used as a measurement, we verify that there is a sufficient historical basis to calculate it.
  • Difficulty checks
    • We verify that difficulty levels defined for attainment levels are consistent with defined thresholds.
  • Over-payment checks
    • We verify that you will not be double-paying incentives in scenarios such as the following:
      • You have defined some attainment levels as cumulative.
      • Some of those levels include rewards such as "% of Revenue" which is applied to revenue at the current level, but also lower levels.
  • Misc. checks
    • We verify that the plan end date is after its start date
    • We verify that plan targets have been specified
    • We verify that scoring rules have been specified (when using scoring)
    • We verify that specified attainment level thresholds are compatible with the specified measure
    • We verify that there aren't duplicate attainment thresholds (valid, but worthy of a warning to make sure it was intended)
    • We verify the range of specific settings (ex: negative values don't make sense for limits)
    • We verify various other settings related to plan limits, calculation settings, etc.
  • Text description
    • We generate a downloadable text description of your plan to make it easier to share and review details

We also continuously perform additional checks in the background, resulting in system alerts:
  • There are no duplicate payments of commissions, from the same plan, to the same payee, on the same transaction, in multiple time periods
  • A default time zone has been specified for the workspace
  • A default currency has been specified for the workspace
  • A currency exchange rate has been provided explicitly, but is inconsistent with current market rates
  • A currency has been found in transactions or on users, but we don't have a way to obtain its exchange rate
  • An unknown currency symbol has been found in transactions, but we don't have a way to understand which currency it represents

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