How Are Scores Calculated?

How Are Scores Calculated?

You can configure sales incentive plans to measure performance based on revenue, profit, or scoring. Using scoring, you can further control whether a user has reached a certain performance goal.

Three types of scoring are available:
  • Use Point-Based Scoring
  • Calculate Revenue - Then Apply Multiplier
  • Calculate Profit - Then Apply Multiplier
  • Calculate A Score Using A Formula

The first option (Use Point-Based Scoring) is best suited for production-based rules. For example, you could use the following rules:
  • Two points for each qualified lead
  • Three points for each scheduled appointment
  • Ten points for each customer conversion

The next two options first calculate transaction Revenue or Profit, and then apply a multiplier. For example, you could use the following rules:
  • 0.5 multiplier for legacy product sales
  • 1.3 multiplier for new product sales 
  • 0.5 multiplier for renewals

Rules are evaluated in descending order. As soon as a scoring rule is evaluated as being true, the multiplier is applied and the logic returns. In other terms, only one rule can be applied to each transaction.

Finally, the last option gives you even more flexibility - learn more here.

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