What Security Roles Are Available?

What Security Roles Are Available?

The following roles are available for each workspace:
  • Full admin Full admins have unlimited permission on the workspace and everything it contains (including the ability to delete data).
  • Limited admin Limited admins have read-only permission on the entire workspace - except for hidden plans (hidden plans are hidden from limited admins by default).
  • Plan admin Plan admins are limited admins who have been granted permissions to view and manage specific plans.
  • Participant Participants only have access to their personal incentives dashboards, but no access to plan design or management.
  • Deactivated Deactivated users have lost access to all workspace and personal incentives dashboard data.

Typically, you'd want to assign roles as per the following guidelines:
  • Full admin - Grant this role to users you fully trust so that they can manage all aspects of your sales incentive program.
  • Limited admin - Grant this role to sales managers who should not be able to make configuration changes to your workspace, but could be delegated management of specific plans.
  • Plan admin - When you grant management of specific plans to a limited admin, they are identified as "plan admin" in the web interface. This lets you know they have more permissions than other limited admins. Grant permission to view and manage plans as needed.
  • Participant - Grant this role to users who need to participate in incentive plans, but do not need any access to plan design or management.
  • Deactivated - Please refer to this KB article to determine if it makes sense to deactivate a user.

Here is a possible setup:
  • Grant the full admin role to your Director of Accounting and VP of Sales.
  • Grant the limited admin role to all Sales Directors, so that they can access the management workspace, but cannot make workspace configuration changes.
  • Create all plans as hidden, so that they are hidden from all Sales Directors by default.
  • Grant specific Sales Directors permissions on specific plans, so that they can see and manage those plans. They will be identified as "plan admins" in the web interface. 
  • Grant all other users the participant role so that they have access to their personal incentives dashboard.

Note that you can always create additional workspace if you need to further segregate access (click here to learn more).

To learn more abut hidden plans, click here.
To learn more about what full admins can do, click here.
To learn more about what limited admins can do, click here.
To learn more about what participants can do, click here.

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