Best Practice - Legally Protect Your Sales Incentive Plans

Best Practice - Legally Protect Your Sales Incentive Plans

By clearly documenting your sales incentive plan's terms and conditions (and ensuring that potential beneficiaries are aware of those rules), you can:
  • Increase transparency
  • Reduce confusion
  • Reduce the chance of disputes
  • Reduce overall legal risk and liability
  • Ensure edge cases are handled:
    • Example: how should employee attendance issues be handled?
    • Example: how should new employees or terminations be handled?
    • Example: are changes allowed during an active plan period?
    • Example: who has authority to adjust rewardscrediting, etc.?
    • Etc.

You can effortlessly protect your plan by adding legal statements to it, as well as configuring a few options. If you require formal user enrollment, we will facilitate the task of ensuring users review and agree to terms - including collecting valid e-signatures, or sending reminder emails.

To learn more about plan legal options, click here.
To learn more about the legal editor, click here.
To learn more about how to view user enrollment status, click here.

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