Which Types Of Plans Periods Are Available?

Which Types Of Plans Periods Are Available?

The following types of plan periods are available:
  • One-time plan
    • A one-time, non-recurring incentive plan (ex: sales contest).
  • Bi-Monthly plan
    • An incentive plan with a bi-monthly recurrence.
  • Monthly plan
    • An incentive plan with a monthly recurrence.
  • Bi-annual plan
    • An incentive plan with a 6 month recurrence.
  • Quarterly plan
    • An incentive plan with a quarterly recurrence.
  • Annual plan
    • An incentive plan with a yearly recurrence.

Selecting the right type of plan helps with the following:
  • Easily select an appropriate time period when running a new calculation.
  • Correctly associate credits and rewards with a time period on personal incentives dashboards.

To learn more about step-by-step plan design, click here.

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