What Is The Product Catalog For?

What Is The Product Catalog For?

You are NOT required to enumerate all products or services you offer in the product catalog. Nor is the product catalog intended to represent all aspects of your offerings.

However, we may encounter situations where we cannot calculate incentives without additional information. If so, we will generate system alerts, asking you to provide specific information about products / services.

Here are the steps to access the product catalog:
  • Login to your workspace
  • On the left pane, click on "Settings > Catalog"
  • Click on the "Settings" tab (if needed)

Here is one example of a situation where the system would request catalog entries via system alerts:
  • Your transactions do not include include revenue information - just a product name and quantity
  • You have created a plan which measures sales performance based on revenue
  • In this case, we will request that you provide revenue / unit in the catalog for specific products found in transactions

The product catalog allows you to provide the following:
  • For each product / service:
    • revenue / unit (used to calculate revenue)
      • This should be specified using the workspace's default currency
    • percent margin (used to calculate profit)
    • percent tax (used to exclude taxes)
    • category (used for classification)
    • Other fields (ex: for formulas)

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