What Type Of Support Is Available For HubSpot?

What Type Of Support Is Available For HubSpot?

By adding a HubSpot connection to your workspace, you can:
  • Automatically import HubSpot users into your workspace
    • We will detect users who are already present within your workspace 
    • We will only suggest adding missing ones
    • You will be able to review and edit the list of users before adding them
  • Automatically import HubSpot deals as transactions to your workspace
    • You will need to map fields the first time you import transactions
    • HubSpot deals will be imported as transactions in your workspace
    • Newly created HubSpot deals will be synched to your workspace
      • Modified HubSpot deals will be updated in your workspace
      • Deletion of HubSpot deals will not result in any deletion in your workspace

You can also choose to synchronize HubSpot Deal product line items instead of Deals. This is useful if you only pay commissions on specific line items.

Adding a Connection
To add a HubSpot connection:
  • Login to your workspace
  • Go to Settings > Connections
  • Click on HubSpot

Click on Authorize Access:

Follow the authorization process:

You should see this message:

Adding Users
To add users from HubSpot:
  • Add a connection as explained above
  • Login to your workspace
  • Go to Users > Add Users
  • Click on Fetch Users for HubSpot

You will see a list of users within HubSpot which are not already in Sales Cookie.

Follow the add user wizard. You should see this message.

Adding Transactions
To add transactions from HubSpot deals: 
  • Add a connection as explained above
  • Login to your workspace
  • Go to Transactions > Add Transactions
  • Click on Fetch Data for HubSpot

You will be asked which type of record to synchronize:

You will see a list of deals within HubSpot and be asked to map fields.

Follow the add transaction wizard. You should see this message.

More Information
To learn more about connections, click here.
To learn more about managing synchronizations, click here.
To learn more about importing transactions, click here.

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