How To Allow Managers Permission To View Rep Statements?

How To Allow Managers Permission To View Rep Statements?

To allow user A to view the commission statement of user B, you can:
  • Set B's direct manager to A
    • Edit the user
    • Set field "Direct Manager"
  • Create a permission team
    • Set A as the manager 
    • Set B as a team member 

Learn more about the difference between these two options here

Here is what setting a direct manager looks like:

Permissions are applied to the entire hierarchy of direct managers:

When using teams to grant permissions, further permission settings are available on the team:
  • Manager Can View Team Members' Rewards
    • This allows the team manager to view payouts for team members
  • Manager Can View Team Credits
    • This allows the team manager to view credited transactions for team members 
  • Members Can View Team Credits
    • This allows team members to view credited transactions for other team members

User And Team Hierarchy
Permissions are hierarchical. If user A is the direct manager of user B, who is the direct manager of user C, then user A can access user C's statement. The same applies to teams.

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