What Is The Difference Between Team Managers And Users' Direct Managers?

What Is The Difference Between Team Managers And Users' Direct Managers?

Given a user:
  • This user may have one direct manager (specified directly on the user's page)
  • This user may also belong to different teams, each having a different team manager

There are a few differences between the two:
  • Each user can only have 1 direct manager
    • Direct managers can always access their reports' personal incentives dashboards
  • Team managers may or may not have permission to access the user's incentives dashboard
    • This depends on how the team was configured
  • Direct and team managers are also used differently when creating sales incentive plans
    • For example, when assigning rewards, you may be presented with options such as:
      • "Assign Reward To Each Measured Individual's Direct Manager" VS
      • "Assign Reward To Managers Of Teams Measured Individuals Belongs To (Equal Split)"

Representing Your Organization
Don't overthink the difference too much. Instead, try to focus on correctly representing your territories, management hierarchy, and user groups using teams. Your first design is very likely to work as expected!

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