What Does Releasing Credits Do?

What Does Releasing Credits Do?

Releasing credits on a calculation allows users to view pending credits and rewards on their personal incentives dashboard. Releasing credits allows your reps to measure their progress mid-period (learn more about releasing rewards here, and the difference between releasing credits and rewards here).

We recommend releasing credits frequently so that your reps remain motivated by their progress. This also gives them time to review credited transactions and their calculated payout (so far). For example, if your plan is monthly, you could re-run your calculation daily, and release credits every few day to show progress.

The main reasons for releasing credits include:
  • You want to show progress to your reps mid-period
    • Your commission period is not final yet but you want to publish to rep incentive dashboards
  • You want to show credits and payouts as pending
    • You haven't yet audited or finalized the period

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