How Can I Programmatically Import Sales Transactions?

How Can I Programmatically Import Sales Transactions?

For non-programmatic import options, click here.

Three options are available:
  • You can use a Web Endpoint.
    • Using this model, you deploy a web page, from which we securely pull transaction data. We will query your web page at least every hour.
  • You can call the Transaction Import API.
    • Using this model, you send HTTP requests to upload transaction data. You are responsible for scheduling and making API calls.
  • You can use our Zapier integration.
    • Using this model, you create a Zap which reacts to an event (ex: new invoice or opportunity in your accounting or CRM system) which invokes the transaction create action.
  • You can use our FTP integration
    • Using this model, you generate and copy CSV files to an FTP site at regular intervals. We will automatically pull files from your FTP site to create or update sales transactions.

One potential benefit of Web Endpoints is that you don't need to implement a job runner because we are responsible for calling your web page hourly. Another benefit is that you don't have to learn yet another API.

However, in some specific scenarios, calling an API to upload transaction data is just easier. This may be because your IT department doesn't want to authorize deployment of a web page, or because you have multiple data sources to deal with.

If you use Zapier, our native integration with Zapier probably makes the most sense. All you need to do is connect your data source to our Zapier application and map fields. This also means you don't need to deploy a web page or write code.

Finally, you have the option to copy CSV files to an FTP site and then setup a recurring import job.

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