How Can I Import Sales Transactions Via FTP

How Can I Import Sales Transactions Via FTP

The FTP connection allows you to upload CSV files as transactions within Sales Cookie.

Here are the steps to add an FTP connection:
  • Login to your workspace
  • On the left pane, click on "Settings > Connections"
  • Click on "FTP Server"
  • Enter your server name, user, and password

Using secure FTP is recommended and supported. We recommend you provide an FTP server which meets your own security, user access, and backup requirements. If you cannot provide an FTP server, contact support.

Once you have added an FTP connection, you can drop CSV files with specific names, under specific file paths. You can then go to Transactions > All Transactions and import from FTP once, or setup a hourly recurring import job. You will be asked to provide a file path when importing transactions from FTP.

You can import data from multiple data sources from the same FTP server. For example, you could import AE opportunities and SDR calls using two separate CSV files. You should use consistent names when dropping files (ex: do not include a date in the file name).

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