How Can I Embed Web Content Within Sales Cookie?

How Can I Embed Web Content Within Sales Cookie?

You can create and publish announcements to personal incentive dashboards. However, sometimes you already have some existing content you want to show within Sales Cookie. 

This could be:
  • Sales resources
  • Sales training guides
  • Various documents (ex: Google spreadsheets)

You can easily embed web content within Sales Cookie (and choose who can see what) by doing the following:
  • Login to your workspace as admin
  • On the left pane, click on "Settings > Dashboards"
  • Click on the "Extensions" tab (if needed)
  • Name to your top level menu
    • Ex: "Docs"
  • Add sub-menu items
    • Name your sub-menu item
      • Ex: "Sales Training"
    • Enter one or more user tags
      • If empty, all users will see the menu item
      • If set, all users having at least one of the specified tab will see the menu item
    • Enter a web page's URL
  • Save
  • Refresh the page

You should now see a left navbar menu called "Docs" with a sub-item called "Sales Training". When you click on "Sales Training", the page shows your specified web content.

Web Content Not Rendering
Some websites do NOT allow other websites to embed their content in an iFrame. If your content does not render (ex: blank page), this is likely the case. Please verify your URL, and then contact the web site's administrator to remove this restriction.

Which Sales Cookie User?
When you click on a sub-menu, we render the specified URL in an iFrame. Sometimes you need to know which user is connecting. For this reason, we add a parameter to your URL called "sc_email" containing the email address of the current user.

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