How Do Email Notifications Work When Releasing Credits / Rewards?

How Do Email Notifications Work When Releasing Credits / Rewards?

When you release credits or rewards, you have the option to notify payees via email. Only payees with a non-zero estimated OR actual calculated reward (for the released calculation) will receive an email. Payees which have no payouts will not be notified.

You have the option to skip notification emails for payees which a/ have been deactivated OR b/ do not have dashboard access.

The following slugs are available for the subject and body of notification emails:
  • [PlanName] - the name of the plan for the released calculation
  • [CalculationName] - the name of the released calculation
  • [FirstName] - the payee's first name
  • [LastName] - the payee's last name
  • [EmailAddress] - the payee's email address
  • [ActualPayout] - the payee's total actual payout
  • [EstimatedPayout] - the payee's total estimated payout


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