How Can I Best Organize And Respond To User Enquiries?

How Can I Best Organize And Respond To User Enquiries?

In most sales environments, participants want to raise questions (or initiate disputes) regarding topics such as:
  1. Requesting clarifications regarding incentive plans
  2. Reporting missing credits
  3. Reporting incorrect rewards
  4. Etc.

As an incentive plan administrator, you can systematically organize and resolve enquiries by asking your users to submit enquiries from their personal incentive dashboards.

Here are some of the available automation features:
  1. When users submit an enquiry, they are prompted for additional information based on their selected issue type. Built-in auto-completion helps users submit accurate information.
  2. When users submit an enquiry, a system alert is created. Plan administrators are notified via system alert "bells". Alerts are also shown within each calculation.
  3. When plan administrators review enquiries, they are presented with links to related calculations, plans, logs, etc. In addition, a link allows easy search for all matching sales transactions.
  4. When plan administrators resolve enquiries, users who submitted them see corresponding entries marked as resolved within their personal incentive dashboards.

To lean more about how to submit an enquiry, click here.
To learn more about how to view submitted enquiries, click here.

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