How Does Plan Version Tracking Work?

How Does Plan Version Tracking Work?

Plan Snapshot
When you run a calculation, we take a full snapshot of your plan. This means you can always go back to any calculation and review how the plan was setup at the time your calculation ran.

To view a calculation's plan snapshot:
  • Edit your calculation
  • Click on "View Snapshot"
  • This will show you the plan when your calculation ran

Plan Versioning (New)
Each time you (or our technical team) makes any change to a plan, we also take a full snapshot of your plan. This means you can audit changes made to any plan (even if no calculations were started).

To view previous versions of a plan:
  • Edit your plan
  • Go to the Activities tab
  • Click on a version number
  • This will you the plan for this change

Viewing Plan Diff (New)
When you open a plan snapshot, we compare the current version to the previous one. We use a text-based format to highlight changes.

To view a diff of changes:
  • Use one of the above methods to open a plan snapshot
  • Click on the Diff tab
  • Changes between versions are highlighted

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