How Can I View Transaction Synchronization?

How Can I View Transaction Synchronization?

You can create recurring jobs which automatically import new or updated records from different connected systems (such as CRM or Accounting systems). Those records become transactions within Sales Cookie, which can then be used to calculate commissions

To view synchronization status:
  • Go to Transactions > All Transactions
  • Click on the "Automated Import" tab
  • You will see a screen showing synchronization status for each connected system

Last Change
Sales Cookie synchronizes changes incrementally. Sales Cookie automatically detects the most recent record creation or update at the source. The "last change" field shows the date of the most recent record update at the source. For example, suppose that you synchronize invoices from QuickBooks. However, your last change to any invoice was 12 days ago. The "last change" field will show "12 days ago". Hover over the displayed text to see an exact timestamp.

Last Sync
Sales Cookie synchronizes changes source every hour. The "last sync" field shows the date the last synchronization cycle ran. Normally, this value should be between "just now" and "1 hour ago". Sometimes, the synchronization cycle can take a bit longer, so "2 hours ago" may be normal. Hover over the displayed text to see an exact timestamp.

Color Coding
The following color coding is used. Hover over the colored circle to see more information.
  • Grey - Synchronization was reset or is just starting. 
  • Green - Synchronization ran recently, and recent changes were detected at the source.
  • Orange - Synchronization ran recently, but no recent changes were detected at the source.
  • Red - Synchronization has stopped due to repeat errors connecting to the source.

The following actions are available.
  • Reset - Synchronization is incremental. Sales Cookie detects recent changes at the source, and only updates transactions for recently changed or created records. A reset allows you to force a re-synchronization of all records.
  • Cancel - Synchronization will stop for this data source. No transactions will be deleted.

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