How Can I Embed Power BI Reports Into Sales Cookie?

How Can I Embed Power BI Reports Into Sales Cookie?

Ready to share exciting commission reports with incredible visuals with other Sales Cookie administrators or payees? This article explains how you can embed Power BI reports within Sales Cookie. This article assume you have already created a Power BI report and are ready to publish it.

Step 1 - Publish Report To Web
Follow these steps to publish your Power BI from your desktop to an online report:
  1. Open your report in Power BI desktop
  2. Click on File > Publish
  3. Click on "Publish to Power BI"
  4. Choose a destination
  5. Click on the link 
    1. This opens the online report in a browser 

Step 2 - Get Embed URL
Follow these steps to get an embed URL from the online report:
  1. Click on File > Embed report > Publish to Web (public)
  2. Create an embed code
  3. Copy the embed URL (not the iframe HTML)

If you get this error, your Power BI administrator needs to authorize embedding.

You can learn more about additional embedding options here.

Step 3 - Embed in Sales Cookie
Follow these steps to embed the online report in Sales Cookie:
  1. Login to your workspace
  2. On the left pane, click on Settings > Dashboards
  3. Click on the "Extensions" tab (if needed)
  4. Name the root menu (ex: "Reports")
  5. Add a sub-menu (ex: "Payouts") 
    1. Paste the embed URL
  6. IMPORTANT - specify who can view the report using tags
    1. In the example below, only users tagged as "Full Admin" can see the link
  7. Save

Your report is now embedded within Sales Cookie under left bar menu Reports > Payouts.

Step 4 - Enable Auto-Refresh
Follow these steps to customize your report and enable auto-refresh.

Go back to your online report within Power BI (see step 2 above).

Under File > Settings, enable options as appropriate:

Click on "Datasets" in the left navigation bar, and select your report:

Click on Refresh > Schedule Refresh:

Under "Data Credentials", choose Anonymous and Public (only users who know the embed URL will be able to access the report): 

Under "Scheduled Refresh", configure a refresh frequency:

Make sure to apply changes. 

You can learn more about data refresh here. Please note that refreshes are not instant (whether manual or scheduled). Reports are cached for an hour so please be patient.

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