How Can I Assign Users To Plans?

How Can I Assign Users To Plans?

Sales Cookie makes it easy to assign users to plans. In fact, plan assignment can be automated so that, as you add more users, they are automatically assigned to the right plans.

Assigning Users To Plans
To assign users to plans, start from plans:
  1. Edit your plan
  2. Click on the Targets tab (if needed)
  3. Specify targets

You can specify as targets:
  • A specific list of users
  • All users with the "Participant" role
  • All users having a specific tag
  • Members of specific teams
  • Managers of specific teams
  • Etc.

Automatic Assignment
For example, suppose that you configured your plan to target all users tagged as "AE 1" or "AE 2" (as shown above). If you add 3 new users with a tag of "AE 1", they'll automatically become a target of your plan. You do not need to manually assign those users to the plan. They are assigned by virtue of their tags, and how you configured plan targets.

For team-based plans, plan targets will be teams instead of users. This is because team-based plans measure collective team performance (not individual performance). However, your payout rules will ultimately assign rewards to users. For example, your payout rules could assign rewards to team managers (based on how their teams perform).

Once again, everything is automatic. You don't need to explicitly specify who the payees should be. Based on your plan targets, and how you configure rewards, we'll automatically figure out who may be paid, and assign payouts to the relevant team managers as needed. So, you don't need to manually assign team managers to the plan! You only need to focus on the structure of your plans.

Reviewing Plan Payees
To view who is a potential payee for each plan:
  1. Edit your plan
  2. Click on the Beneficiaries tab (if needed)

We'll compute who the payees will be, based on your plan targets and payout rules. To get a complete list of all current plans and their payees, you can use a tool (under Settings > Tools > Export All Plans).

Effective Dates (Advanced)
For users who enter or leave plans mid-period, you can specify effective dates:
  • Edit the user
  • Click on the Dates tab (if needed)
  • Configure effective start and end dates

Most of the time, there is no need to use this advanced feature. These options are only useful if a user should only become a target of a plan after / until a given date.

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